What is a busy wall paper? It is a wallpaper that has many designs and colors. It is tricky to put decorations or wall hangings against a busy a busy wallpaper because if you don’t do it right, all of them will fight one another for attention and there will none that will caught the viewer’s eye. The secret in hanging decorations against a busy wallpaper is in the framing. The art work that you would like to hang should have some of the neutral background color of the wallpaper. Then comes the frame. Choose a frame that gives a strong contrast with the wall papers’s color. It can be a match with your cabinets or the flooring. Use the background neutral color of the wallpaper as the top mat color and the fillet (1/4″ will do), any color from the image will do. The trick is to way oversize the wallpaper with the top mat. The top mat should be twice the amount and more matting should be place at the bottom of the of the picture. Your framer could help you with this. Having a wide matting will give a huge amount of plain area that will separate the busy wallpaper from the image aside from the contrasting frame color. The overall finished size of the framed art should be in good proportion to the wall area where they are placed. To test the effect of the final work before committing, have your framer cut a matboard with the proposed size, put it over the image and hold it up the wall. See the whole effect if it will solve your problem. Other accessorizing idea is to hang large metal wall-hanging sculptures that have a strong contrast in color from the wallpaper. You can “frame” it with a solid neutral color. Hang the frame first then position the sculpture in it. The key is to make the background generously larger that the art work.


Advantage Of Wallpaper 
Wallpaper is a great impersonator. It can change the visual appearance of your room in many ways. Decide what you want to accomplish in each room in your home. How do you want to feel when you go into a particular room? Wallpaper, like a fine set of clothing helps you make the most of your room's strong points, while masking its weaker features. Wallpaper makes the greatest impact in your room, in a single-application. No other decorating product offers so much color, design and coverage to suit any mood, taste and need. 

Wallpaper creates detail where there once was none. Moved in to a house that has all the personality of a plain white box? Try some wallpaper. Wallpaper is the economical way to add missing architectural elements to your room without hiring a general contractor. Create a chair rail with a wallpaper border. Use a full-wall pattern cut into proportionate shapes to make a paneled effect up a wall leading to a vaulted ceiling. Draw attention to a fireplace focal-point wall by wrapping it with a strong pattern, or create a focal-point wall using the same strong pattern on any blank wall. All it takes is a little imagination. 

Wallpaper is always IN. Wallpaper is a timeless decorating product. As new styles emerge, wallpaper designers capture it, define it and present it in a variety of color choices. With its ability to capture any style or color scheme, wallpaper helps you express your personality and style - from contemporary to romantic to country or eclectic! 

The First things you need are accurate measurements of the walls that are to be covered. Use a measuring tape. Measure in feet rounding off to the next highest half foot or one foot. Draw a room diagram showing doors, windows and ceiling height. If there are any built-in please make sure that you taken those measurement as well. 

Next calculate the square footage of every wall that will be covered, subtract areas that will bot be covered and divide by 45. That will give an estimation rolls required. 

Example: 1) 20 Feet + 20 Feet + 15 Feet + 15 Feet = 70 Feet 2) 70 Feet X 9 Feet Height = 630 Sqft 3) Less: a. Windows 3 X {( 4 X 5 ) One Window} = 60 Sqft b. Door {1 X ( 3 X 7 ) One Door} = 21 Sqft c. Total = 81 Sqft 4) 630 Sqft - 81 Sqft = 549 Sqft 5) 549 Sqft / 45 Sqft Per Roll = 12.2 6) 12.2 = 13 Rolls of Wallcoverings 7) Border ( 70 Feet - 12 Feet - 3 Feet ) (Refer to Border Calculation) = 55 Feet / 15 = 3.6 = 4 Rolls Additional Information a. To calculate Top and Bottom (Top X 0.7) (Bottom X 0.3) i. 13 rolls = 13 X 0.7 = 9.1 = 9 Rolls Top ii. 13 rolls = 13 X 0.3 = 3.9 = 4 Rolls Bottom

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